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Sharada Vidyanikethana Public School, a premier CBSE affiliated Residential and Day Boarding School is nestled amidst 35 acres of lush green surroundings. The School is located 16 kms. away from the beautiful coastal city of Mangalore on the National Highway No. 66 between Pumpwell Circle and Talapady, near K.C. Road. The School boasts of excellent infrasturcture and up-to-date facilities to nurture the creative minds of students.

Our Educational Philosophy

Five Fold Education (Pancha Kosha Shikshana)

  • Annamaya: Physical fitness programs like games, sports, aerobics, karate etc., that contribute to the holistic development of the child.
  • Pranamaya: Personality enhancement through yoga, pranayama and meditation.
  • Manomaya: Developing a keen sense of appreciation of fine arts like dance, music and art.
  • Vignanamaya: Imparting practical knowledge through empirical studies, for better understanding of theoretical subjects.
  • Anandamaya: Extra mural activities like camps, treks, picnics etc., leading to blissful experience.

Five Dimensional Education (Pancha Mukhi Shikshana)

  • Familiarizing children with our peerless culture.
  • Sensitizing children to the system of living in accordance with our culture.
  • Encouraging high thinking, and acting on the basis of our moral and ethical values.
  • Inculcating a high sense of patriotism.
  • Unique blending of modern and traditional education by integrating into the curriculum Sanskrit, Classical music, Yoga, Moral Science and Physical Education as visualized by Vidya Bharathi.