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Sharada Vidyanikethana Public School, a premier CBSE affiliated Residential and Day Boarding School is nestled amidst 35 acres of lush green surroundings. The School is located 16 kms. away from the beautiful coastal city of Mangalore on the National Highway No. 66 between Pumpwell Circle and Talapady, near K.C. Road. The School boasts of excellent infrasturcture and up-to-date facilities to nurture the creative minds of students.


Academic Development

Sharada Vidyanikethana’s Elementary Section is dedicated to providing early introduction to the CBSE curriculum. The teachers work with the young ones, focusing on providing hands-on learning experiences in academics, early literary and language development. Along with academics, the students of Elementary Section are encouraged to participate in sports activities, music and arts classes, and to make liberal use of the library.

Middle & High School fulfills a distinct need of the formative years of the students of grades 6 & above: to build on the preliminary training offered in the Elementary. Section and to provide the necessary training and orientation that will help them to cope with the demands of the CBSE curriculum. With academics being the priority, a wide range of course books is made available to develop the students' aptitude for various subjects.

The High School students are put through a strict pattern that includes daily routine of class hours, extra classes and self-study sessions. At this tender age when students are blossoming from adolescents into teenagers, they are guided not only academically, but also morally so that their innate goodness is brought out at stressful times of their mental and emotional development. It is from here onwards that students begin to take charge of their own actions and emotions. Students at this level maintain a fine balance between their progress in academics and sports, games and extracurricular activities which help to keep them refreshed and stress free.